Tory Fair

Jeanne Silverthorne

Anthony Gormley

Ai Wei Wei, Sunflower Seeds

Jamie McCartney.  Internal Affairs, Glass.  Cast taken of the interior of a vagina.
Jamie McCartney.  Vagina Panel.  Plaster castes taken from women's genitals.
Nuno Correia.  Untitled (Terminus), 2013.  Cement cast with MDF box embedded in form.
Plywood form made for casting cement.
Nuno Correia.  Untitled, 2013.  Cement cast in plywood forms.
George Segal.  The Curtain, 1978.  Plaster cast.
George Segal.  Gay Liberation, 1992.  Painted bronze cast taken from plaster casts of the sitters.
Rachel Whiteread.  Untitled (Nine Tables), 1998.  A cast of the underside of a table.
Bruce Nauman.  Cast Underside of a Chair, 1967.  A cast of the underside of a chair.
Carl Andre.  Cast cement objects.
Carl Andre.  Equivalent VIII, 1966.  120 prefabricated fire bricks arranged in a grid.

Richard Serra
Casting, 1969
castings made by splashing lead in the corner of a room
Robin Hill, Blue Lines, 2001

Dot Transport Cabinet for Mary, 2011

Janine Antoni
Gnaw, 1992
600 lbs. of chocolate and 600 lbs. of lard

Gordon Matta-Clark

Gordon Matta-Clark

Tara Donovan
Untitled, 2001
nickel-plated pins held together by friction and gravity only
35 x 35 x 35"

Tara Donovan
Toothpicks, 2001
toothpicks held together by friction and gravity only
35 x 35 x 35"

Tom Friedman
Untitled, 1994
self-portrait carved from a single aspirin

Antony Gormley
Field, 2003
terra cotta

Tim Hawkinson
Bear, 2005
uncarved granite boulders, hardware
20' tall, over 100 tons

Michael Heizer
Double Negative, 1969-70

Daniel Brickman
Several heavy Thoughts, 2009
cast toilet paper
4 x 11 x 13"

Allan McCollum
Over Ten Thousand Individual Works, 1987-88
enamel on cast hydrocal
2" diameter, lengths variable, each unique

from Non-Finito

Bruce Nauman
Impressions of the Knees of Five Famous Artists, 1966
fiberglass and polyester resin

Katie Paterson
Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull, 2009
the artist recorded sounds from active glaciers in Iceland, pressed records, and froze water into "ice records". The records play until completely melted.

Charles Ray
Hinoki, 2007
hand-caved Japanese cypress

Richard Serra
Throwing Lead, 1969
the artist throwing molten lead into the corners of the room, creating casts of them.

Adam Welch
They and I feed every god damn day, 2005
styrofoam, extruded styrofoam cord, glue
60 x 84 x 36"

Rachel Whiteread
Embankment, 2005
polystyrene casts from the insides of cardboard boxes

Rachel Whiteread
Untitled (Library), 1999
dental plaster from polystyrene mold and steel mounting

Rachel Whiteread
House, 1993
cast concrete